Schedule  Saturday, February 23rd 2019 

8:00 - 9:00 Registration & Vendor Fair Opens

9:00 - 10:00    Workshop Session #1

10:15 - 12 :00 Annual Meeting, Keynote & Bill Duesing Memorial Award

12 - 1:30  Lunch

1:30 - 2:30 Workshop Session #2

2:45 - 3:45        Workshop Session #3

4:00 - 5 :00 Workshop Session #4, Discussion Groups, and Job Fair

*Vendor Fair open from 8a-5p, Job Fair from 4p-5p

Workshop #1, 9a-10a

Room Number   Speaker/Panel

131 Esther Rose-Wilen ~ Farming/Gardening programs for youth: Q&A with The Growing Entrepreneurs

133 Willie Crosby ~ Specialty Mushrooms for food, medicine, and the backyard farm

134 Shannon Raider-Ginsburg ~ The Farm 2 School Test: Growing Demand Means Growing Opportunity

135 Monique Bosch ~ Healthy Soil - Healthy Food

136 Dr. Stephen Tobin ~ Holistic Pet Care

143 Victor Ziminsky ~ Investing in Your Property And a Positive Future

214b CR Lawn ~ We've Got the Whole Seed in Our Hands:  Embracing the Seed Arts To
Move beyond being only a Consumer of Seed

214c CR Lawn ~ See Above

232 Adam Squire ~ Regenerating Our Future: Fostering Resilient Production Systems Within a Rapidly

Changing Climate.

236 Park City Harvest ~ Integrated Organic Gardening

269 Yonghao Li ~ Plant Disease Prevention in Organic Garden and Landscape

271 Scott Thompson ~ Fairfield's Tips for Going Green

273 Ana Legrand ~ Nuts and Bolts of Farmscaping For Beneficial Insects

288 Raquel Rivera-Pablo ~ Building Bridges Food Entrepreneurship Platform

Workshop # 2 , 1:30p-2:30p

Room Number Speaker/Panel

131 Michaela Wales ~ Gardening with Children

133 Michelle McCabe ~ Maximizing Food Waste for Economic Development

134 Matt Oricchio ~ Raising Livestock Basics

135 Kip Kolesinskas ~ The Basics of Finding Land to Farm

136 SCORE Panel ~ The Business of Farming

143 Roberta DiBisceglie ~ Landscaping with Native Plants

214b Shuresh Ghimire and Matt DeBacco ~ Vegetable Pest Management for Small Scale Production

214c Wisdom of the Ages Panel ~ Moderated by Richard Hill, Panelists include Annie Farrell, Guy Beardsley,

Sal Gilbertie, Wayne Hansen, and Mike Nadeau .

232 Allyson Angellini ~ Building a Farm Website

236 Ian Appleby ~ Hügelkulturs: Incorporating the Hugel into Your Landscape

269 Tomasz Falkowski and Jody Bolluyt ~ The Farmer Is In: Diagnosing and Solving Problems on Your


271 Jack Kittredge ~ The Hows and Whys of Fungal Friendly Farming

273 Daphne Dixon ~ Climate Reality Project Presentation - Sign Up for Local Projects & Initiatives

288 Connor Stedman ~ Carbon Farming: Science, Policy, and Systems for Carbon Drawdown on

Connecticut Farmland

Workshop # 3, 2:45p-3:45p

Room Number Speaker/Panel

131 Craig Floyd and Emma Sutphen ~ Establishing a Regenerative Giving Garden Program for a Non


133 Kristyna Hulland ~ Flower farming: The Case for Organics and Tips for 5 Annuals

134 Mira Peck ~ Thrive This Growing Season: Wellness Tips From a Professional Horticulturist

135 Kip Kolesinskas ~ Soil Health and Nutrient Management Planning

136 Daniel Furman ~ All About Pawpaws: History, Propagation and Cultivation

143 Mike Nadeau ~ The Organic Ethic and the Living Landscape

214b Urban Ag Panel ~ Moderator, Joey Listro, Panelists include Ellie Angerame, Farron Harvey, Raven

Blake, and Jacqueline Maisonpierre

214c Bryan O’Hara ~ No Till Intesnsive Pt. 1

232 Julie Fine ~ Cover Crop Mixtures to Grow Our Own Nitrogen

236 Robert (Bob) Maddox ~ Monetizing Your Assets By Offering On Farm Vacation Rentals

269 Lauren Sandstrom and Rachel Murray ~ Organic Certification: How To Get Certified and Get Your

Questions Answered

271 Julie Rawson ~ Farming for Maximum Photosynthesis

273 Chelsea Gazillo and David Howard ~ State Policy Advocacy Training

288 Connor Stedman ~ Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Connecticut Farms

Workshop #4 and Discussion Groups 4p-5p

Room Number Workshop/Panel

131 Cynthia Espinosa ~ What's in your toolbox? Resources for Ag Educators

134 Spring Valley Farm ~ Student Farmers on Climate Change Mitigation Through Soil

214b Hunger Relief Panel: Hunger Relief in our Backyard: Meet the Organizations Feeding Connecticut

214c Bryan O’Hara ~ No Till Intensive Pr. 2

232 Kieran Foran ~ Demystifying Aquaponics

236 Sven Pihl ~ Urban Homesteading

269 Melody Wright ~ Growing Medicinal herbs and Medicine Making to Support the Immune System

271 Kim Stoner ~ Pollinator Habitats: What Does Science Tell Us?

273 Louis Battalen, James J. Amenta, Anna Gilbert-Muhammad ~ Seed & Grow NOFA’s Social Justice

Work, Help Create NOFA’s Future

288 Tim Frosina ~ Whole Lamb Breakdown and Butchering Demonstration